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The Silicon Valley provides sunny, warm weather year-round.
What better way to enjoy that sun, than by bringing it into your home? Natural sunlight looks better, is better for you, and increases the value of your home. Let NuLight Solutions make your home more beautiful and energy-efficient.

Research shows that people in school, home and the workplace, feel & perform their best when they're exposed to natural sunlight.

electric venting skylight    

For overhead, out-of-reach applications, or with in-reach applications where egress is not required. NuLight Solutions offers an incredible assortment of Velux Skylights to fit every room of your home.

Featured: Electric Venting Skylight with remote control. For applications above 15 feet and in rooms that need natural ventilation (especially kitchens and baths), use the electric venting skylight and electrical blinds



Roof Windows
If you can reach the window, our top-hung roof window GPL or roof balcony GDL will dramatically change your room. Choose manual blinds for light contro.

GPL Skylight

GDL Roof Balcony

Did you know that you can control heat and light with an assortment of manual and automatic shades?

  Sun Tunnels
The perfect way to illuminate closets, laundry rooms, hallways and second baths, in only two hour. Works like a recessed lighting fixture. Flexible tubing bends sunlight around attic obstructions bringing light to hard to reach areas. With the optional light kit, the Sun Tunnel also works when the sun goes down.

NuLight and Velux Offer the Best Warranty in the Skylight Industry
  The New, Improved Fan-Attic
When you have a hot attic that needs ventilation. this in turn, makes your house cooler in the summer, removes condensation in the winter, and lowers your energy bills — using the power of the sun. The new, improved Fan-Attic features commercial-grade solar cells, a 12.77 volt motor, and a five-year guarantee. Click here for more information.


Skylights and Energy Efficiency
With energy rates increasing at an alarming rate across the country, homeowners are demanding that the products they put in their homes be energy efficient. VELUX Skylights are the only skylights to meet the ENERGY STAR® approval guidelines in all climate zones, and they are 40% more efficient than most national building codes require. This means they promote energy efficiency and can save you money on utility bills - all while enhancing the look of your living space..











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